9 Important House Buying Considerations

Buying a house is exciting – and that’s why it’s important to take a step back and check that you’re weighing up all the facts every now and again. That might sound boring – but thinking with your heart instead of your head can lead to issues further down the line… you’d be amazed at how many people say “I wish we’d just thought about…” a year or so after moving home. Don’t worry though, The Loans Department has shared these 9 important considerations you can refer back to throughout the process! Do the maths “How much can I/we afford?” is a question that people often approach with no real intention of getting a calculator out and making some notes. If you run your finances as a tight ship, then you’re probably already up on what you can afford – but if you’re in the habit of living month-to-month with no real system to your income and expenditure then now’s a good time to get a good understand of your financial picture. The reason we say this is simple – money is very difficult to keep track of. Think about how much you spend on food shopping each month, now [...]